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Tourism is changing the island's scenary, as new 'tows' spring out of the mountainsides whare they drop to the best beaches. Not all of these are well planned or even attractive, but together they provide lodging for throngs of sunseekers, largely from the UK or Germany. In genaral, Germans head towards the sourthern resorts at Costa Calma and Morro Jable, while Brits are move at home in Calta Fuste and Corralejo.

These four areas make up the majority of the tourism development. Plenty of resturants, from typical Canarian to exotic couisines. Of them Corralejo retains the most character of a Canarian town.

The corious traveller will certainly want to hire a car to explote the island's histoc and scenic interior, and to sample its variety of beaches and landscapes.


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