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Antigua (Spanish meaning ancient) is a Canarian municipality in the central and the eastern portion of the island of Fuerteventura in the Las Palmas province in the Canary Islands

The population is 6,587 (ISTAC, 2003), its density is 26.29/km² and the area is 250.56 km². It is located a main highway linking north to Puerto del Rosario and to Tuineje and a small highway linking to Betancuria.

The main industry are agriculture and tourism.

The Atlantic Ocean is to the east, the mountains covers the western portion. Farmlands dominate the rest of the municipality especially along the coast.


Latitude: 28.41667 (28°25') N
Longitude: 14.01667 (14°1') W

Lowest: Atlantic Ocean
Centre: 254 m
Highest: central part

Name of inhabitants: Antiguan sing., -s pl.

Postal code: 35630

Sites of interest

Caleta de Fuste Castle, a heritage site
Centro Turístico Cultural Molino de Antigua (Molino de Antigua Cultural Touristic Centre): where works of major artists are exposed.
Salinas de El Carmen: The origin of these salt mines dates back to 1800
Paisaje Protegido del Malpaís Grande (Malpaís Grande Protected Landscape)
Atalayita, aboriginal town
Cuchillos de Vigán, a natural Monument
Caldera de Gairía, a national monument

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