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Medical Assistance

Visitors from a country within the European Union have the right to medical assistance and complimentary hospital treatment. The traveller would need to present an E111 form at health centres and he/she will be attended by a general practitioner. In a case where the patient needs specialist attention, or needs to be transfered to a hospital, the doctor will provide the necessary certificates and paperwork. One should make enquries regarding the E111 form in local surgeries in the visitors country of origin.

If the visitor needs urgent medical assistance and does not have an E111 form, any medical costs are to be paid by the visitor in advance and should be re-imbursed in the country of origin upon production of receipts.

Any visitor who needs specific treatment should present the E112 form and if he/she needs hemodialysis, the E111-D-1 form should be produced. It is worth bearing in mind that private health clinics do not accept the E111 form and if a visitor receives medical assistance at one of these costs would be applicable.
In addition to the countries that belong to the European Union, those countries that Spain has bilateral agreements with also offer complimentary medical assistance to visitors in the event of an accident or illness. These other countries include Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Equador, Morocco, Paraguay, Peru, Russia and Switzerland.

Those visitors that are coming from other countries [not belonging to the European Union and that do not have bilateral agreements with Spain], will receive medical assistance in accordance with article 12 of the rules and regulations regarding foreigner visitors. In this instance it would be wise to have private medical insurance aside from the usual travel insurance as this one only covers accidents that occur during travel.

With respect to pharmaceutical items such as medicines, as the locals, tourists from other European Union countries are also welcome to these benefits. A portion of the cost of the medicine goes towards the health service.

No vacinations or inoculations are necessary to visit Fuerteventura.

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